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In the United Kingdom, most project funding has been made under the National Private Financing Initiative (BIA) and is known as public-private partnerships (PPPs). Launched in the early 1990s, PFI aimed to introduce private sector skills and funding into the provision of public services. The PFI is structured so that the private sector, usually through a bank, receives financing for the design, construction and operation of a facility for the public good. In return, the public sector awards this private sector partner a long-term contract to operate the facility, usually for a period of 25 to 30 years. Once the facility is in place, the public sector will pay the private sector a monthly fee over the duration of the project used to carry out the bank loan that financed the project to serve the bank loan that financed the project. Project sponsor: the person who plays an active role in the management of the project. The project sponsor owns Projectco and obtains profits, either through Projectco`s ownership or through management contracts, if the project is successful. The proponent often has to cover certain project liabilities or risks through bonds or management or service contracts. Account Bank: An individual lender holds the accounts on which all the money generated by the project passes.

A key feature of project financing is that it is generally limited recourse financing, which means that lenders rely only on project revenues and assets to recover their investments. As a result, project financing operations pose a high risk to lenders, particularly for green prairie projects. Because of this risk, particularly in the pre-business phase of a project, a quality security package, which reduces risk as much as possible, is essential to protect the interests of lenders. The direct agreement of the lenders: this is a three-way agreement between the Authority, Projectco and the lenders, under which the Authority agrees to grant lenders a deadline for the early termination of the project agreement. This agreement will also provide lenders with the opportunity to intervene directly or through a candidate or representative to resolve the termination event or to find another party that is acceptable to the Authority to assume Projectco`s rights and obligations under the project agreement. Buyer: For infrastructure projects, Projectco will generally enter into a contract in advance with a buyer who acquires the long-term project performance. Project agreement: the main agreement for each PFI project, the project agreement governs the relationship, rights and obligations between the Authority and Projectco for the duration of the project. It can also be called a concession agreement. From an enforcement perspective, direct agreements grant lenders rights in the event of a breach of the project document, in order to prevent the counterparty from ending it if the borrower is unable to remedy such a breach, while a security assignment confers rights on lenders in the event of a default under the facility agreement.

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