French Adjective Agreement Games

It`s a good job. You understand the basic rules of the French adjective agreement. Ready for something a little more sophisticated? Try our quiz on adjective positions. As suggested by its title, the game is quite simple. Choose a French adjective that sounds and sounds english, and ask if it`s a real friend or a fake friend. To keep teaching interesting and promote the four main language skills, you should choose from a variety of topics and formats, including videos, books, newspaper articles, blogs and podcasts. The more diverse the content and sources, the greater the choice of adjectives your students will encounter. Now that they have described something specific, show them the image of something completely different to get them to use opposite adjectives. This will help you check your language proficiency and give you the opportunity to introduce more accurate adjectives that will give more strength to your thoughts. Have fun with it! Following the close history between France and the United Kingdom, the English language incorporated many French adjectives into its vocabulary. Many of these adjectives have retained their original French definitions, which means that English speakers already know what they mean. Tell the story behind French adjectives.

Students love to hear stories, especially when they are filled with little anecdotes that make them unique. Create French adjective billboards. Make them colorful to get their attention and big enough that they can easily be read from a distance. Billboards should follow the same principles as study cards: Simply keep the structure and avoid inserting long and complex rules that your students may not be able to read and understand at a glance. What should students learn about French adjectives? Ask them the question directly, or let them choose a question that will arouse their curiosity about the use of adjectives. Then let your students make an observation, formulate a hypothesis, gather evidence in the text and verify that it is good or false. Encourage yourself to read books and magazines in French. What for? The more they read, the more impressions their brains will have and the easier they will remember the position of the French adjectives in a sentence. You will begin to really hear the differences between the and the if you repeat these particles over and over again, and you will distinguish between male and female adjectives with greater ease with time and repetition alone.

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