Hpe Partner Agreement

Our success has always focused on our strong commitment to both parts of beneficial relationships with our partners through our Ready Program partner. We are committed to a partnership program based on innovation, partnership and growth for our partners. One of the first solutions this partnership will focus on is GE Digital`s OpShield. OpShield has been specifically designed to protect critical infrastructure by building on years of testing and evaluation of hundreds of industrial facilities. The solution reduces the risk of unplanned downtime associated with cyberses; Improves asset protection from cyber damage; helps protect protected health information (PHI); Reduces the risk of reputational damage and intellectual property theft from cyber criminals; and increases customer confidence to connect and optimize assets. GE has introduced its advanced digital capabilities to the Middle East, Africa and Turkey through several pioneering agreements announced last year. With a presence of more than 80 years, GE employs more than 20,000 people in the region, leading activities in space, digital, health, oil and gas, energy and transportation. Our service provider program is for those who provide private cloud, public cloud, hosting and outsourcing services. Work with us to get solutions, services, flexible business models and a common partnership in the marketplace. We are known for being very flexible with the products, services and solutions we provide to our customers. We use this approach for partner engagement. Choose the track that works best for you, whether you`re focusing on OEM solutions, technologies, services or offerings.

We provide you with the resources, tools and training you need to succeed in your specialized field. “This agreement for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey builds on our global partnership with GE to help our customers and partners use the industrial internet of things and promote digital transformation across their businesses. The demand for security in both information and operating technologies and the need to protect critical infrastructure make it an ideal opportunity for our partners. Do you have a minute? Watch this short and cool video on the appropriate digital marketing program for today`s non-stop environment. Learn more about the comprehensive resources, the huge ecosystem and the quickly available experts who help make your digital marketing a success. Ali Saleh, Senior Vice President and Commercial Director of GE Digital MEA, said: “This partnership will enable our key customers and partners in the region to begin the path of digital transformation in a safe environment. HPE is the most powerful partner of its peers to manage a partnership of this scale and scale, strengthen a secure digital ecosystem and quickly reach customers through an innovative business model. Our partnership between independent software providers (ISVs) and independent hardware providers (IHVs) helps facilitate the integration, testing and commercialization of HPE product integrations, which has the effect of accelerating working time, increasing sales and increasing market share.

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