Ice Cream Franchise Agreement

“Mixins” means nuts, fruits, sweets, cookies and other spices that mix stores with ice to create Marble Slab Creamery brand specialties. (2) The company expects the site to contain a number of interior pages that identify participating stores using name, address, telephone number and email address. At the request of the franchisee and after the execution of a contract of terms of use by the franchisee in a form provided by the company, the company will contain on the site one or more internal pages devoted to information about the franchisee`s store. The page or pages (s) must be developed by the franchisee at the franchisee`s expense with a model provided by the company and subject to the company`s agreement regarding the form, content and quality of programming prior to publication. The franchisee is not able to change its (s) page (s), except in accordance with the company`s webmaster and in accordance with company policies and procedures. (2) secret recipes for food ice cream and other frozen desserts, as well as toppings, menu analyses and associated preparation methods for products and services offered in Friendly`s restaurants; (5) If the parties fail to reach an agreement on an interest purchase price within 21 days of the company`s notification, the issue will be submitted as soon as possible to a group of three appraisers with experience in evaluating similar franchises, one chosen by the company, the other by the deceased`s estate and the third by the first two appraisers. All parties agree to submit to such an evaluation procedure, to be bound by the decision of the majority of the evaluators and to share equally the payment of the evaluators` taxes and expenses. 3. The prohibition of the Indiana Code 23-2-2.7-1 (7) against unilateral termination of the franchise without cause for good cause or ill intent, since it is therefore defined as a “substantial breach of the franchise agreement,” replaces the provisions of S. 20 of the franchise agreement in the State of Indiana, to the extent that they may be inconsistent with that prohibition.

Training and support: Initial training programs for Carvel Full Stores and Carvel Express Stores use a variety of forms of training tools, including use films, slide presentations, ice cream lectures and instructions, pre/post reviews, competency assessments and in-store training. Before the franchisee opens its Carvel Full Store, the franchisor will offer a 10-day training course. All new franchisees will, to the franchisor`s satisfaction, follow the franchise`s new orientation program before opening their first device. The differences between damages and retraction measures for the same CFIL violation can be significant. In the event of a technical breach, a court could easily find that the franchisee was not harmed as a result of the violation.

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