Is Police Verification Required For Rent Agreement In Pune

There`s nothing better than resting as a landlord – a police check helps reduce the risk of having dodgy tenants when you rent your property. As citizens of our country, it is also the duty of every landowner to ensure that our law enforcement officers are informed of the settlers on their territory. Connect to or call 91 9595380945 to learn more about this simple but important process. If you want to rent your property to a tenant, but worry about its safety, we have a solution to ensure tranquility. has partnered with experts to help homeowners implement the online police setting up with minimal problems. Check out tenant Verification`s various online packs now on Housing Edge. “ONE TIME PAYMENT” at the time of biometric verification. There are two ways to check your customers` registration information. You could do it yourself or take the services of a professional in obdaustosis. This background check would ensure that you know everything a landlord needs to know about their tenant – their financial situation (since yours is primarily a money contract) and its history (since safety is a central concern). Much of this background audit would be conducted once the tenant`s police check is complete. City tenants are now exempt from visiting police stations for mandatory verification or filing their tenant details online.

Your local police station can be a source of comfort for property owners in Pune. The Maharashtra government has partnered with the Maharashtra police to make it mandatory to pass on information from tenants to the police for verification. This means that the landlord must take the initiative to submit all the information about the tenant to the police via an online form of tenant information in order to verify it. This pays off in the end, as it also helps you get background control over your tenants. A:- The online rental agreement can only be in the Govt. Standard design must be carried out. If you want to register your agreement in your own project, you must do so “offline.” We are also helping in this case. The police facilitated the process by putting it online. Landlords no longer need to go to their nearby police stations to enter information about tenants. With Anulom, the procedure will be even easier. Register your rental agreement with us, and we have all the information about the tenant at home – we can then use it to send a reference to the police, who then does the verification and informs the landlord. Here`s what you need to do: if the property is located under Pune Rural Area, the citizen can also use this link – Now the municipal police have created a new tab on its official website,, only for rent review.

The customer verification process has been simplified. The landlord must encrypt the tenant`s name, Aadhaar/PAN card numbers and the pre- and temporary address in the form. On the website of most police stations, you can download the form. In the capital, Delhi, for example, you must download and complete this application form for the tenant review. To complete the online customer verification form in Pune, click here. Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Public Revenue; S Chockalingam, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and K Venkatesham, Pune Police Commissioner, were present at the launch of the initiative. Venkatesham said: “So far, the owners have submitted their rental data online to the Pune police portal or to the nearest police station. In 2018, we only received 2,645 online registrations, which is quite low. The new institution will save time and money for the public and save time for police officers. Do you have a landlord who has a police check on your tenant? Here`s how you can do it: police intrigues are also useful for our law enforcement to track the inseurization of citizens who live in a given area, in order to

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