Kone Lift Agreement

33. MISCELLANEOUS. The titles of each of these provisions are mere and should not be used in a material or interpretation. For the purposes of this order and as it is used in articles 2-501 of the single trade code, the goods ordered are considered “contract compliant” after the beginning of the seller`s manufacture (i), with the manufacture of all or part of that order or (ii) of the seller`s object of any or only part of the material necessary to carry out that order. This designation, including all documents included in this reference document, represents the entire agreement of the parties and replaces all previous negotiations, agreements and agreements relating to the purpose of this agreement. The provisions of this buyer require all contractual documents that complement each other and complement each other. However, if a provision of that order is insurmountable contrary to a provision of the contractual documents, the provision that imposes the highest obligation on the seller applies. Where possible, any provision of this order must be construed as effective and valid under existing legislation, but if a provision of that order is prohibited by existing legislation or is invalid under existing legislation, that provision is null and void to the extent that the prohibition or nullity is not applicable without invalidating the rest of that provision or other provisions of that order. E-mail: OMNIAPartners@kone.com Phone: 800-956-5663 Fax: 630-955-3192 How can I convert my current contract into the new Kansas City Convention? Please contact KONE by: How do I know that KONE can support all my different types of devices? KONE currently has more than 140,000 units in North America. More than 60% of these units were originally manufactured by other companies. Elevators, escalators, power walks, dumbwaiters, disabled elevators and wheelchair lifts are the most important products to be maintained. KONE has a national technical assistance and training programme for non-CONE aircraft.

If there is a maintenance ease problem that prevents KONE from properly supporting a device, they explain the circumstances and politely refuse. Here are some of our most important services. Our service offering consists of different services and options to tailor your maintenance contract to your needs. Our core services cover all basic maintenance activities of your equipment, including those that you must perform in accordance with local law. These include the choice of maintenance method, mandatory equipment management and inspection audits, access to our customer centre and the elevator communication method by which passengers communicate with KONE in the event of a breakdown or emergency. We now offer a wide range of maintenance services for elevators, escalators and doors that meet your individual needs. From our flexible offer, you can choose only the services you want. I discovered that the Kansas City Agreement contains specific MBE/WBE requirements.

Should I include similar requirements for my contract? No, it is specific to the agreement of the city of KC.

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