Notice Of Termination Of Agency Agreement

Second, when a commercial seller terminates his or her own contract, he would not normally be entitled to any form of compensation unless any of the exceptional circumstances as defined in the regulations would be very carefully applicable to all potential exceptional circumstances, even if the seller is considering terminating without notice due to the client`s offence (which requires careful consideration and treatment to ensure that the circumstances that terminate the seller and are then entitled to any form of compensation (including any compensation). As far as customer transfer is concerned, representatives and traders are subject to different regulations. At the end of the agency contract, for whatever reason, the representative is required to transfer his clients to the contracting entity within the relevant area and to cooperate and assist the contracting entity in the implementation of a smooth and effective transition. The parties are free to determine, as far as possible, the principles of termination, the date of termination and the content of the termination contract in accordance with the applicable legislation. The content should be determined taking into account the details of the main contract and the intent of the parties. Depending on the intention of the parties, the termination date may be set as the date of signing the termination agreement or as a date or reason determined after the date of the signing and as a retroactive date. Second, there is (perhaps) the most likely scenario, that the distribution agency will end after the allocation of the statutory minimum period for the termination of the minimum update period and (unless otherwise agreed) expires on the last day of the last month`s notice, in accordance with Regulation 15, paragraph 2, which provides that in the absence of longer notice in accordance with Regulation 15 , paragraph 3, the sales agency has a duration of less than one year. , the required notice period is at least one month (unless agreed otherwise and as noted above, the last effective day of the notice period must correspond to the end of the calendar of the last month concerned).

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