Oil And Gas Lease Agreements In Texas

The law requires that a person benefit from a portion of the profits generated by drilling and extracting oil on the own land of an oil company. Property owners are often intimidated by the size and financial resources of oil companies and are discouraged by litigation if they do not have royalties. At The law firm of Fabio-Merrill in Houston, Texas, we advise and represent our clients on oil and gas leasing issues and royalties. We design custom and use oil and gas leases to protect our clients` financial and legal interests in royalties and the environment. Whether you are interested in creating an oil and gas leasing contract or are facing a dispute over oil and gas licences, contact Houston`s oil and gas lawyers at Fabio-Merrill today. Fabio-Merrill helps landowners and oil companies negotiate land leases in which a landowner authorizes an oil company to place a well on their land for an agreed period of time. This agreement involves compensation for the landowner in exchange for the placement of a well on his land. In cases where an oil company fails to remove a well that is no longer productive or has not been removed after the agreed time, we will assist the landowners in removing the well by denouncing the agreement. Whether you are an oil and gas company or a real estate owner, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to design, negotiate and challenge oil and gas leases. To make an appointment and discuss your case, contact Fabio Merrill`s oil and gas lawyers today.

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