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I am ALP (GP-1900) of the Delhi division since AUG-2016. I signed a five-year contract to serve the Indian railroads. I had promoted open market work at DMRC after entering the railways, I had also taken NOC to appear in DMRC (IDA-13500 about GP-4200). After the initial training, I joined the Eastern Railway in May 2010. Now I have selected in ibps in and insebré the Indian Overseas Bank, which is a nationalized bank (PSB) that varies according to different conditions, as vacancies are created. At least 10 to 15 years. On 24.02.2017, I took the railway in the Bhopal department as a Grade III apprenticeship technician (training period 1 year, with 5-year obligation). Normally, you don`t need to take a new medical exam to find a new job. If you do not accept, you must reimburse the scholarship during the training and training costs… In the event of resignation (including technical resignation), you are not entitled to these benefits. I did not mention my category as an CBO, while I applied for Goods Guard. I applied and chose as an unre reserved (general) candidate for custody.

Sir, I`m Anand Jwala, who works as ECRC in Danapur Div of ECR. I joined the railways in 1999 so I have an old weighing system. I was selected for the position of excise inspector. For the purposes of the NOC designation, it was requested to do so. I lower myself with two levels down for four years with cumulative effect. The revision was sought by zonal vigilance. I have the right to resign technically. That`s the amount I have to pay on the train. In cse, how many there will be.

I, B.malleswararao retired senior goods Road Guard and I retired on 30-10-2010 and at the time of retirement I joined RELHS, but I have not been able to use any medical relief, since I am digital for away from the railway hospitals and also I have no medical allowance from the bank, so I let myself know weather I come for the medical allowance or not, if so, how to get, if I am not eligible for medical damages, can I get with the draw of the RELHS and I get the deposit amount I deposited my last monthly salary, please advise Sir, is there a circular or in this rule? Please give me too. I made the same case for choosing the top GP, but still ask them the cost of training which is too much. The end result of NTPC Graduate is out and I am selected as a merchandise keeper in the Jhansi division. RRBmumbai cen 4/2010 tc cc hands ka ergebnis kab aayega? aur cut brands kya ho sakte hai? baki sab bords ka result aa gaya hai. lekin mumbai ka itna delay kyu ho raha hai. The scholarship you will receive, plus the training fee, calculated as being equal to 12% of the amount received. Sir I is trainee technician grade 3 of stagecoach and trolley, grade pay 1900, I was sick from April 2017 to August 2017, 107 days in total and I was treated in a private hospital. I joined the Indian Railway in March 2017 and it was only 20 days after my membership, due to lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations, I did not inform the school`s charge of training. Now I consider the SF5 loading sheet to be an unauthorized absence.

My question is now over. I want to know what kind of punishments I need to see now. ? ? Please let me know, because I also want to leave the railway to join the DMRC. Please help me and give me suggestion for the same step 4- Press the connection button and the RPF Constable Call Letter 2019 will be displayed on the screen. On 09.01.2018, I gave my technical resignation from my current position (Class III apprentices) (note that my one-year training is still in progress as only 10 months have passed and the duration of the training is one year). I have SSE training in August 8/2017…. but for some reason I had to come home after 5-6 days. I will never go back again. And submit the request for resignation at 19/08/2017. my current job – new job are both from different sectors and different areas, i.e.

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