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1 Agreement and DisagreementPresented by Eddy Wahyudi, S. I`m an English teacher at MTSN 2 Barito Kuala 13 There was a lot of money at the time — well, not really, there was a lot of money at that time – well, not really. It`s over anyway. – No, I`m afraid I don`t agree with you. People often say “yes” or “I see what you mean” to indicate a partial agreement, and then mention a point of disagreement that was introduced by “but.” You just said yourself that you`ve had enough after a while. – Yes, but only after three weeks. It`s a very clever movie. – Maybe, but I didn`t like it. They ruined everything. – I see what you mean, but they did not know 11/12/2018 13 IDENTIFIER Read the following sentence and identify the agreement and disagreement in which: a) Quite agree with you that Glen is a good student. (Agreement/disagreement) b) I don`t think you`re right. (Agreement/disagreement) c) She is absolutely right.

(Agreement/disagreement) d) yes, I totally agree with you, your ring is so cool. (Agreement/disagreement) e) No, I don`t think so. The food there is really good. NOTE:MAKE THE KID TO TICK THE RIGHT OPTION 4 Agreement and disagreement are types of confirmation and refusal involving the expression of the judge or opinion and not the assertion of FACT. It is all the more necessary not to offend The criteria of courtesy when the judgment of the other is called into question. ACCORD With an unfavorable opinion, you can characterize your consent with an expression of regret, etc. His speech was boring / Yes, I`m afraid that`s the case. I agree that it was a step backwards. I must say that I found it like this. 11/12/2018 2 A: I think the film broadens our views on modern art. React to the instructions below with expressions indicating agreement or disunity.

State your reasons. For example, the number one is finished. A: I think the film broadens our views on modern art. B (-): I don`t agree with you. I don`t think it`s a good movie. It is a waste of money. 2. A: English is easy to learn B: ………………. 3.

A: English is difficult to learn B (-): ……………… 4. A: Smoking is a bad habit B: ……………… 5. A: Swimming is a dangerous pastime B (-): …………… 11/12/2018 QUESTION 1 CHOSE THE BEST ANSWER Susan: I think this image is more attractive than you. Budi:D ace, that`s what I mean. that words mean fat type… A. Accord B. Impossibility C.

Disagreement BACK NEXT D. Capacity 9 Admittedly, it is true that …, but on the other side… I see that… Admittedly, it is true that… but on the other side… I can see that…. But I`m sure… I completely agree with you…

but we also have to take into account…. Agreed, but if we accept… then it must be true that… Confirmation We can also accept, and add another point to confirm or confirm the argument yes, and in fact…. Yes, and what`s more… I agree, and in fact, we could go so far as to say… absolutely. In fact, I would go further and I would say…

11/12/2018 14 Strong Disagreements If you know someone very well, you can contradict more directly with phrases like this: I can`t agree with you there.

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