General Agreement Paysera

Traders – a client of the Paysera system that sells goods and services and uses one or more collection obligation services for traders that are listed in the system and provided by Paysera. (Explanation: When the provisions of the general payment service contract apply to all customers – both merchants and other customers – the term “customer” is used and if the provisions of the general payment contract apply only to merchants, the term “trader” is used). 8.1. The customer confirms that he agrees with the provision of notifications by LEE to the customer by posting them on the system website and sending them by e-mail, which the customer indicated in the system during check-in, or by sending them to the address indicated by the customer at check-in in the system or by sending an SMS if the customer has provided only one cell phone number during the check-in. The customer confirms that the PPE notification sent above must be addressed correctly. Notifications by mail or text are only sent if the customer has not provided their email address. If these communications do not involve substantial changes to the terms of the agreement, the Customer received these notifications within 24 hours of being posted on the system`s website or sent it to the customer via email or SMS. If the notification is mailed, the customer has received it 5 (5) business days after shipping, except in cases where the customer actually receives the notification later than under the terms of this Agreement. 8.2. If the EPP`s communication relates to substantial changes in contractual terms, the client is informed 60 (6) days in advance.

The customer has received the notification and the changes made under the agreement will come into effect within 60 (60) days of the notification being published on the system`s website, sent to the customer by email or any other instrument indicated by the customer at check-in (mail or SMS with a link to a corresponding website). 8.3. The notification period of 60 (60) days is not applied and notifications are made in accordance with the procedure set out in point 8.1. if: 8.3.1. The terms of the agreement are being changed as a result of changes to the mandatory requirements of the legislation; 8.3.2. Service costs are reduced; 8.3.3.

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