Horse Agistment Agreement Nsw

The Department of Primary Industries recommends the use of a written agreement like this. The use of an obligation for landowners and landowners to be informed from the outset of their rights and obligations, and a thorough agreement can later reduce the likelihood of problems. Agistment can cover a wide range of situations ranging from simple arrangements such as pastures and basic services for ponies to the full range of services such as breeding, feeding and training. This agreement is mainly intended to be used with individual horses or ponies, but it could be adapted to other domesticated animals such as llamas, alpacas or donkeys. The agistment can be organized by a brief discussion. However, oral agreements rarely provide for problems such as injury or illness of horses, non-payment by owners or the need to relocate horses due to fire, flood or drought. There is also no record of what was agreed in the event of an dispute. In the event of a dispute, it can be difficult to prove the terms of an oral agreement. This horse agistment agreement clearly defines the terms of the agreement in order to reduce the likelihood of litigation due to misunderstandings. This agreement is a contract for one party (agistor) to assume responsibility for the conservation and welfare of another party`s animals for payment. The agreement also contains optional provisions on matters such as the landowner or Agistor and horse owners are aware of their responsibilities under the licensing agreement, including 5. Basic Horse Agistment Contract, Single Sample (MS Word Document 29.5KB) is the placement of livestock from one farm to another for food, water and shelter – for a fee (usually cost/head/week). Please note that some of the tips below apply only to the State of Victoria.

Please contact your state`s Primary Industries Department. Doc/PDF File Formats For reading or printing this file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don`t have this tool, it`s available for free by This treaty uses the common law. It follows the guidelines of the NSW Department of Primary Industries. “Fantastic documents. In fact, I understand every word! ยป

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