Raic Client Architect Agreement

Coverage, table of contents, contract form, definitions and terms and conditions are available in PDF format with filled out forms fields. The agreement part of the PDF form is also provided in the form of an MS Word document. However, users are advised NOT to change the text of the contract form. The MS Word version is provided to allow users to expand form fields if necessary. The RAIC Document Six is the preferred client architect agreement if the architect keeps the advisor. AIBC Standard Form of the 6C contract between client and advisor is for use in projects with consultants engaged separately. Architects are required, in accordance with AIBC Statutes 28.0 and 28.1, to ensure that an executed written contract exists for a client before the start of work. This architecture service contract must be a standard form contract approved by the AIBC Board, or on the basis of a standard contract for services, responsibilities and terms and conditions. RAIC has released a new version of Document Six, Canadian Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services, and a new guide for its use. The previous edition of Document 6, which dates from 2006, is now obsolete. AIBC was consulted in the development of this new contract and AIBC Past President Pierre Gallant Architect AIBC, FRAIC, is a member of the RAIC committee that developed the revised contract. Improvements include a better definition of roles and responsibilities, as well as a more balanced sharing of risks and responsibilities between the client and the architect. The AIBC Council has approved eight standard form contracts listed below.

Please note that the legitimate use of these contracts requires the purchase of authorization stickers for each contracting party. Authorization stickers can be purchased from the AIBC (order form) and THE RAIC (only for RAIC contracts). The non-use of registration stickers may constitute unfeasmaned behaviour and open an architect and a company to other legal rights. For more information, click here: www.canadianarchitect.com/features/raic-releases-new-document-six/ If changes to the contract form, definitions or terms and conditions of a RAIC contract are required, this should be done using additional conditions. The addition of additional conditions is an acceptable way to tailor the responsibilities of both parties to the specific conditions of the project. Additional conditions can be described, for example. B, the need for a security clearance or background check to work in certain facilities. Additional conditions should not be used to change the fundamental responsibilities of one of the parties or to transfer the risks to a party that cannot cope with that risk. For assistance when ordering label authorization aiBC or CCDC electronic documents and stickers, please send aibc@aibc.ca or call 604.683.8588. For practical information regarding the use of standard form contracts, please contact Maura Gatensby Architect AIBC, Practical Advisor at practiceadvice@aibc.ca or 604.305.2699.

For more information on standard form contracts, see Regulatory Review | Terms of Commitment 101: Types of standard form contracts AIBC Label Authorization and CCDC electronic documents and copyright stickers can be ordered from AIBC. Orders are accepted by mail, email, phone or in person. Remember: an authorization sticker is required for each contracting party. Therefore, you must have at least two per contract (except CCDC 9).

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