Sibling Agreement

This is a difficult time, so have compassion for yourself and try to have compassion for your brothers and sisters. You don`t have to excuse negative behavior, but try to imagine the fear, pain or necessity that drives your siblings to react as they do. This kind of understanding can defuse many family conflicts. Often, families do not think about who will be the primary caretaker and what secondary roles other family members will play. Care can begin if siblings who live nearby or who have a close relationship with their parent help with the little things. At first, you can`t even identify yourself as a guardian, but then you find yourself overwhelmed and you`ll feel angry with your siblings because your parents need more help. It is easy for families to fall into common traps, provided, for example, that the son takes care of the finances while the daughter takes care of emotional or physical needs. To design a sibling agreement, talk to your lawyer. To find a lawyer near you, click here.

In addition, it is now useful to take a look at your siblings. Parents create labels and roles for each child, and all family members accept them and think they are real. They may be based on reality, but parents can also assign these labels for a variety of reasons: the first or last born, what child reminds mom of her older sister (who upset her), the child who most resembles Dad in her personality – and what Mom feels about Dad! Dealing with your siblings on parental care can be difficult, complex and emotional. It is important to understand their own emotions in these difficult times and try to have sympathy for the feelings of your brothers and sisters, even if you do not agree. Ask what you need from them directly and especially without guilt or anger. If you can`t or if there are conflicts, bring an objective professional to help your family solve the problems that need to be resolved. Before taking care of your parents, there were family dynamics, and you may now not be able to resolve existing conflicts to your satisfaction. It is important that you support yourself so that you can find rest during your care journey and after your completion. If these old people need to be loved and approved, it can encourage sibling rivalry. After all, you`re not the only child who should feel important to mom or dad. So when you`re discussing whether Dad needs a more expensive wheelchair or if Mom is still safe at home, try to keep the debate on the specific topic, not which one of you is most interested or what`s best.

Make your brother and sister sign the contract so that you get the best end of the wand this time. The remote control is always yours, and they have to share their wardrobe with you. Among many other clauses, you can make sure that your siblings no longer harass you. It`s time to end all your arguments with your brother this Raksha Bandhan. Through our fraternity agreement, make sure that all your areas of problems have an official turning point.

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