Eccb Agreement Act 1983

5.5.2 Financial institutions should make known in a timely and accurate manner the conditions, costs, rights and commitments with regard to credit transactions. Each facility provided should indicate at least the repayment terms, the total amount of the loan, the loan fees, the interest rate, the guarantees, the terms of early repayment and the procedures if the customer does not comply or repeatedly fails to comply with his obligations under the agreement. 5.3.1 Customers accepting a product or service for the first time should receive details of all relevant terms and conditions of the requested product or service. Customers should be required to sign at least one document fully describing all the conditions relating to the product or service of their choice, in accordance with or acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. In line with the thinking carried out in developing countries at the time of its creation, the Law on CeBS Conventions also includes the allocation of credits to priority sectors, in cooperation with the governments of the Member States, as well as the requirements for differential reserves, including the necessary border reserves per type of deposit. . . .

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