Louisiana Nonresident Partner Agreement Form

(b) A partnership that fails to file such an agreement in a timely manner for a tax period shall be liable for the total tax due for the period, plus interest and reasonable late payment in accordance with this Section in the taxation period provided for in paragraph D.2. A partnership has the right to recover its payment in accordance with this Division. including any interest or penalties due by the partner or non-resident member on whose behalf the payment was made. Such a payment, for a taxation period, must take place on the date or date on which the partnership`s annual tax return must be filed for that taxation period. The performance of the Louisiana partnership is prepared for schedule and exercise partnerships. Based on your entries in the Federal Declaration and in Louisiana sections, Louisiana return forms and schedules are established: Louisiana Restitution uses overwritures, additions, and sub-actions of general federal revenues from entries made on the Louisiana Income/Deductions worksheet. . . .

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