Settlement Agreement And Mutual General Release

However, this agreement is not concluded or intends to C_______ D_______ to refuse a claim by his father, father, next friend, guardian, any right or means that may have C_______ D_______ against G_______ H_______, for the violations he may have suffered on the basis of the facts set out above. and, in particular, it is that agreement that it is not an agreement to dismiss an pending action against G_______ H_______, except as regards E_______ F_______, and it is expressly agreed and understood that this agreement does not G_______ H_______ in any way. In other words, do you intend to disclose claims that are not yet known to exist, but that they can be discovered later? If so, the settlement agreement should expressly disclose all known and unknown claims. A general exemption from receivables is not always sufficient to release claims that are still unknown at the time of payment. Know all the people through these gifts that I, ______ considering the payment of ________

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