Voluntary Care Special Needs Agreement

(g) receive medical and dental care if necessary; (4) A care plan may only be established for a certain period of up to 6 months, but may be extended for one or more periods, (c) services should be planned and provided in such a way as to meet the needs and cultural, racial and religious heritage of the recipients of the services; (a) there are reasonable grounds to believe that a child is in need of protection, 41.1 The court may attach to a supervision order the conditions recommended by the Director to implement the care plan, including the VET agreement that sets out how best to meet your child`s needs, the services and supports your child may need, and how long your child stays with the caregiver. The first agreement can last up to six months and can be extended by 12 months. (b) a family is the preferred environment for the care and upbringing of children and the primary responsibility for the protection of children rests with the parents; 8. If the court orders that the child be placed under the guardianship of the parent or that the child remain in the custody of a person other than the parent, it may order that the director supervise the care of the child for a specified period of up to six months. (g) enter into agreements, including, but not limited to, agreements By Crossroads LawIn British Columbia, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) is the government department responsible for child protection and the management of child family and community services act (CFCSA) guidelines. Under the CFCSA, a government minister appoints the Director of Child Protection, who in turn assumes responsibility for ensuring that every child is cared for and safe at home. If you are involved in a CFCSA case or if you or a spouse have sought help from the MCFD during a difficult time in your life, it is important to know that you can try to make a deal with them at any time. As every family is different, there are a large number of possible agreements that can be made. Here are some examples of child protection agreements that may be available to negotiate with social workers in your case.

B. where the Director conducts the assessment or investigation in accordance with subsection (2.4) of this Section, the First Nation, the Nisg̱a Nation, the Treaty First Nation or the corporation representing the Aboriginal community and party to the agreement referred to in section 92.1 (2) (ii) or (iii) and (4), the initial term of the agreement shall not exceed 6 months; However, the agreement may be renewed for a maximum period of twelve months. (a) submit to the court a written report on the reasons why the director was removed from the child and considered that a child protection agreement referred to in paragraph 1 is appropriate, and (a) there are reasonable grounds to believe that the protocol contains the information necessary to determine whether the child is in need of protection; (3) If, as a result of a family conference, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution mechanism, a written agreement is reached after proceedings are initiated to determine whether the child is in need of protection, the director may submit the agreement to the court .

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