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CDC – Data and Statistics – Smoking & Tobacco Use

This page contains a multitude of links about smoking. On the “Surgeon General” page, there are several reports from the Surgeon General about, for example, preventing tobacco use or how cigarette smoke causes disease. The “Fact Sheet” page has information on smokeless tobacco and interventions. Other pages contain “Morbidity and Mortality Reports,” and “State Data” is about smoking in individual states. “Surveys” links to several surveys on various topics. “Information by Topic” contains various data on several different subjects. On the “Tables, Charts, and Graphs” page, there’s data about economics and health effects related to smoking, and “Vital Signs” showcases the publication by the CDC to communicate health information on select topics.

All of these pages contain a wide variety of information and subjects that are useful to our research. It’s relevant to our documentary because of all the data and statistics the many links provide, giving everyone a bigger picture of smoking across the country.

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