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(From left to right: Kellen, Jessie, Dahazee, Joe, Joey)

We are a group of Columbia College students exploring the prevalence of cigarette smoking among Chicagoans in the area. Over the semester in our First Year Seminar Honors class, we have been questioning, evaluating, exploring, and communicating the demographics, psychographics, economics, and emotions behind this issue. All of our findings are compiled in the documentary titled No Filter on the Home page.


Kellen Mulcahy- Indianapolis, IN. Fashion Business Major. Freshman.

Jessie Rinaldi- Terryville, CT. Audio Arts and Acoustics Major. Freshman.

Dahazee Flores- Victorville, CA. Fiction Writing Major. Freshman.

Joe Han- Flower Mound, TX. Cinema Arts and Science Major. Freshman.

Joey Banahan- Hanover Park, IL. Cinema Arts and Science Major. Freshman.

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