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Smoking Loophole

Megan Rogers, Penn State University grad, discusses the use of E-cigarettes on college campuses. She talks of how many universities such as University of Michigan and many higher education universities in Maine are starting to include E-cigarettes in their smoke-free law. This is a reliable source because this website was build by three executive with decades of expertise in higher education journalism and recruitment. The majority of the content on this website are published and viewed by those of higher education. The topic is still an issue that many universities as well as states are debating today.

This article is relevant in our study because No Filter will not only  focus on commercial tobacco or independently rolled cigarettes, but exposes the audiences to a whole new angle. E-cigarettes have been marketed as a cessation device yet it has a connection to second-hand smoking. This is an excellent piece for the group to explore, for it exposes another side on the topic. Despite it being only the tip of the iceberg, it became a starting point that exposed a whole new side on the subject.


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